1. How do I register for Digital 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Heart Association (ASMIHA)?
In order to join Digital 30th ASMIHA, we invite you to first create your account here.
Sign in to your ASMIHA account to choose the session you want to join and then complete the whole registration process

2. Who is considered eligible to register for Digital 30th ASMIHA?
Registration can be done by Cardiologist, Other Specialist, Cardiology Resident, Other Resident, General Practitioner, Medical Student, Nurse, Cardiovascular Technician.

3. Can I re-register for sessions that have expired due to delayed payment in my account?
Yes, you may register again for sessions after the expiration notice. Please follow the registration guideline as per usual.

4. Why is my registration still waiting verification after uploading my proof of payment?
Please note that payment verification may take up to 14 days after uploading the proof of payment. For cashless payment, your registration will be automatically verified after payment is successful.

5. How do I pay for my Digital 30th ASMIHA registration?
You can make your payment through bank transfer or virtual payment. If you are choosing bank transfer, please complete your payment within 7 days after registration. Your purchase will be automatically cancelled if payment isn’t received within that period. It may take up to 14 days after uploading transfer receipt to confirm your payment.

My Account

1. How do I access my Digital 30th ASMIHA account?
You can access your Digital 30th ASMIHA account by signing in to your account here.

2. How can I sign in to my account if I forget my previous password?
You have to first recover your account details by clicking “Forgot Password?” in the sign in box. After clicking the “Forgot Password?”, you will be directed to write down your email that has been registered before. Click “Reset Password”, and then an e-mail will be sent to your email to recover your password and account details

3. Can I create my Digital 30th ASMIHA account for free?
Yes, you can create your own Digital 30th ASMIHA account for free

4. How do I create my Digital 30th ASMIHA account?
For further information on how to create Digital 30th ASMIHA account, please access our video here.

5. How do I add or change my personal information?
After signing in to your account, you are able to review and update your personal details in “Profile”


1. If I wish to submit an abstract, where should I upload it?
Abstract should be submitted from your personal Digital 30th ASMIHA account so you have to sign in to your account and then upload you abstract in “Abstract Submission”

2. Can I check whether my abstract submission was successful?
After logging in to your account, you can check your abstract submission in the ‘Check your Abstract’ option or click here

3. Where can I upload e-poster file for my submitted abstract?
E-poster submission may be done after the announcement of accepted abstract has been published at our website. Check for the e-poster submission option at the ‘Check your abstract’ page.

Symposium and Workshops

1. How can I get symposium schedule overview?
Symposium schedule overview can be seen here

2. How can I get workshop schedule overview?
Symposium schedule overview can be seen here

3. What does ‘Full Symposium’ registration comprise of?
Full Symposium registration allows you to join all of ASMIHA schedule excluding workshop and in-conjunction sessions.

4. May I join only the workshop sessions without joining the symposium?
For you to be eligible for workshop registration, you must register for the Full Symposium. Similarly, for in-conjunction sessions, please register for the symposium to be eligible for the in-conjunction sessions.


Please note that the Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) is regularly updated. If you have something to ask and it’s not answered yet in FAQs, do not hesitate to contact us here