The 26th ASMIHA Committee invites you to submit abstract of original investigations for consideration to be published at European Heart Journal. Abstract should constitute of original research (epidemiological studies, clinical studies, basic studies and animal studies are equally encouraged) in the cardiovascular fields. The content may include portions of prior abstracts and/or manuscripts submitted or presented elsewhere. Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present, if accepted. Failure to present may jeopardize future acceptance of abstracts.

This competition is eligible for those below 40 years old (as January 2017) who are residences of cardiology and cardiologist with interest in cardiovascular research. Eight finalists will present their research in English. The winner will represent their research at the final day of 26th ASMIHA.
Participants of this session will have a chance to present their research. It will be a good opportunity to share and learn more. It is opened for residents in cardiology, cardiologist, other medical specialist and general physicians with interest in cardiovascular field.
Selected papers will be presented in an open session and will be discussed in depth with the leading national cardiology researchers.
Participants will present their research or case presentation with visual display. The posters will be moderated by two experts in the respective field, ensuring high quality interaction feedback.