In Remembrance

Ismoyo Sunu, MD

Born in Boyolali in 1953, Ismoyo Sunu, MD was an accomplished role model to many doctors and cardiologists alike. Being a graduate of Diponegoro and Indonesia University, the pursuit of higher education brought him to Germany, Sweden, and Japan where he specialized further in vascular intervention. Participated in over 80 national and international congresses along with multiple speaker invitations and scientific publications, his contribution to science was evident. He spent decades helping build the Indonesian cardiology society as we see now, before taking the role of Indonesian Heart Association chairman from the year 2016 until 2018

Surely, many grieved over his departure, but many more have been inspired by his lifetime of work and accomplishments. A family to few, a friend to many, and a teacher to thousands, his great personality left a deep impression that is hard to forget. He was a role model we could all learn from and aspire to be.

In remembrance of his lifetime achievements and dedication, a memorial lecture will be held during the 30th ASMIHA in honour of Ismoyo Sunu, MD

Aulia Sani, MD

Aulia Sani, MD, born on 9th May 1945 in Riau, was a renowned beloved cardiologist from Indonesia. After completing his medical and cardiologist program at the University of Andalas and University of Indonesia respectively, he took a keen interest and helped advance the field of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation in Indonesia.

Awarded by the national health department of Indonesia as an exemplary doctor of Riau, his exceptional leadership and character became even more evident as he was also appointed as the managing director of National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita Hospital later on. Frequently invited as a participant as well as a speaker for multiple medical conferences, he would always share his wisdom with the utmost passion and spirit. Indonesia's cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation continue to grow under his support and would surely continue to do so, even after his departure at the age of 75 years old.

A valiant tutor with a genuine smile would be how some described him, others would remember him as a neat and meticulous man who always dressed nicely with a great sense of fashion. Occasionally, he would remind his peers to take good care of themselves in order to give the best health service possible, given that the profession may at times took our attention away from ourselves. Truly, a great role model, friend and teacher for many of us.

A memorial lecture in honour of Aulia Sani, MD will be held during the 30th ASMIHA to commemorate his lifetime accomplishments and legacy.

Reggy L Lefrandt, MD

Reggy L. Lefrandt was born on 1st Oct 1945 in Jakarta. Leaving behind 4 children, he passed away on 29th August 2021 due to COVID.

While his passion in being a cardiologist was apparent, he went on further by being one of the founding members of the cardiovascular department establishment in RSUP Prof dr R.D Kandou Manado. His immense dedication in teaching gave rise to the cardiovascular teaching department in Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, which helped many hopeful cardiologists in Manado able to reach their dream. Many are indebted for all the great deeds he had accomplished throughout his life, and even more are thankful to have known such a loving and kind-hearted man that he was.

M. Arif Nugroho, MD

On Saturday, 10th July 2021, our beloved colleague and friend, M. Arif Nugroho, MD passed away in Dr. Kariadi Hospital, Semarang 1 week after fighting against COVID-19 infection.

Born on 9th May 1971 in Semarang, he joined the family of Indonesian Society of Echocardiography since 2010. Known for his patience, he was always available and thoughtful whenever anyone was in need. Never seen working without a smile in his face, his delightful personality made everyone felt comfortable to be around him.

Wishing farewell to our beloved comrade, thank you for all your kindness and heartfelt laughter that we had because of you. We are grateful to have known you in person

Ganda Siburian, MD
Born : Medan, 12 June 1954
Passed Away : 8 July 2021

H. Muhammad Komala, MD
Born : Jakarta, 6 June 1951
Passed Away : 16 July 2021

Gardjito Harjosukarso, MD
Born : Banjarnegara, 12 December 1945
Passed Away : 11 September 2021

Nurlaily Syamsudin, MD
Born : Purwokerto, 28 July 1947
Passed Away : 28 October 2020

Otte J Rachman, MD
Born : Bandung, 12 June 1942
Passed Away : 17 October 2020

Soepangadi, MD
Born : Ponorogo, 8 April 1940
Passed Away : 1 July 2021

Triatmo Budijuwono, MD
Born : Yogyakarta, 1 September 1950
Passed Away : 7 November 2020

Hizbullah Aschabul Jamin, MD
Born : Yogyakarta 12 June 1945
Passed Away : 24 February 2021

Razak Abdul Azis, MD
Passed Away : 4 October 2020